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Explore How the J7 Concrete Plant Impacts You and Your Community

Did you know that the impact of concrete batch plants extends far beyond their physical location? The detrimental health and environmental effects can extend up to 5 miles away! Dive into our virtual map experience to unravel the unsettling extent of the J7 Ready Mix Plant's potential impact on your neighborhood.

Stand with us to halt the construction of the J7 Ready Mix Plant and safeguard the well-being of our community. Dive into the truth, navigate the interactive map, and equip yourself with the information necessary to bring about change. Together, let's forge a future where our neighborhoods flourish free from the potential harm of the J7 plant.

Interactive Map

Discover the proposed location's proximity to your community with our dynamic web map. Zoom in to the neighborhood, pan across the landscape, and toggle layers in the legend to unveil the intricate details.
Curious about a specific area?

Use our search functionality by entering an address to focus on the exact spot that matters to you. 

Get a closer look with our measure tool!

Click on the map to measure the distance between two points, offering a more precise, albeit approximate, understanding of the potential effects.

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