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In our close-knit community, the proposed J7 Ready Mix Plant has emerged as a significant and pressing concern. Situated in alarmingly close proximity to our residential areas, schools, and local businesses, its operation has the potential to cast a profound shadow over our daily lives.


This page serves as a dedicated platform to amplify the voices of you and your neighbors who have voiced these concerns. We are committed to providing you with not only the concerns themselves but also the supporting facts, figures, and credible sources that underpin them. Our aim is to empower our community with knowledge and facilitate an open dialogue as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we can safeguard the well-being and vitality of our beloved community.


Respiratory Health Risks

The particulates and pollutants released into the air can significantly impact the respiratory well-being of our residents. It is crucial to understand the specific dangers and collaborate to protect the health of our community.

Water Strain

The immense volume of water required for the plant's activities places a substantial burden on our already fragile water system. Understanding the implications and uniting as a community is imperative to ensure the sustainability of our precious water resources.

Increased Traffic

Air Pollution

The plant's activities can release pollutants into the atmosphere, impacting both the immediate and long-term well-being of our residents. We must consider the multi-faceted consequences of air pollution and rally together to mitigate this issue.

Noise Pollution

The substantial noise generated by the plant's operations has the potential to disrupt the peaceful ambiance we cherish, impacting the overall quality of life in our community. This is a critical concern that affects the very essence of our community and we must act collectively to mitigate this issue..

The influx of heavy trucks carrying materials to and from the plant will not only lead to traffic congestion but also raise safety issues, especially for our students commuting to nearby schools. Increased traffic poses a tangible risk to our quality of life, as it can hinder the smooth flow of daily activities, including commute times, access to local businesses, and recreational outings. Addressing this issue is crucial to maintaining the safety, convenience, and overall well-being of our community members.


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Living and working in proximity to cement plants increases your risk of adverse health effects due to particulates and air pollution. According to research, an area within five miles of a cement plant will be the high danger zone and within twenty miles of a cement plant will be the danger zone.
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