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Momentum Building: Exciting Updates, Raffle Prizes, and the Fight Against J7 – Join the Movement!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Good Afternoon,

Welcome to our very first blog post! Those of you who follow our Facebook page have seen some encouraging updates on our fundraising. We are making great headway on raising funds for our cause! With your continued help and support, we look forward to continuing the efforts.

Exciting Raffle Opportunity

We are currently running a raffle for two (2) Yeti Ice Chests, and there will be two lucky winners. The first drawn winner will receive the Larger Yeti Roadie 60 Rescue Cooler (Value $500), while the second drawn winner will receive the Yeti Tundra 35 Rescue Cooler (Value $275). The raffle will close on 11/11/2023 at noon, with the drawing taking place at 6 pm on the same day. Once your donation is received, you will receive an email with a "ticket" number. If you make multiple donations, you will receive multiple numbers.

Cost: $10 per ticket

Yard Signs and Hot Sauces

We are still selling yard signs and hot sauces. Please note that the signs are currently on backorder, and we're eagerly awaiting their delivery. Unfortunately, no delivery date has been given to us at this time. We apologize for the unexpected delay and will get these items out to those who have already ordered as soon as we receive them. If you would like to place an order for signs or hot sauces, or simply make a donation, please click here.

Update on the J7 Ready Mix Plant

We are still working diligently on addressing the issues surrounding the J7 Ready Mix Plant. At a recent meeting, I mentioned that J7 had not applied for a few critical permits, including those related to water drainage and runoff. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has conducted an audit and issued a statement regarding the missing permits. We are closely monitoring the situation and awaiting further information about what steps will need to be taken moving forward. At this time, there is no evidence that these permits have been applied for, and we remain vigilant.

Tarps on the Building

Some of you have reached out regarding J7 putting up tarps on the side of the building. These tarps are applied as a moisture barrier in new construction. It's important to note that the site does not have the right to conduct construction work. The fire marshal allowed them to use tarps to protect the wood while waiting for permit approval. We are seeking answers as to why this permission was granted. It's a situation we're closely monitoring, and if the wood were to rot, it would require starting over.

Addressing Incidents on Social Media

We’ve had another incident on Facebook. This was not on our page, but on another group page for Rendon residents. This time, from a young man named David Lee. He is pro concrete plant and has a very sour attitude. He’s very negative and had nothing good to say, it seems, from any of his posts, even those not related to the concrete plant. He made a comment on one of the posts saying “if he saw any crackheads back there, by the concrete plant, that was not part of the crew, he had a straight line shot and would shoot.” It seems that David Lee may live in the mobile home park that is behind the plant site. These posts were removed by the admin of the page and she made a statement, which prompted lots of calls and emails my way. I am not sure if these comments have been reported, or if there is even anything that can be done. All my advice is, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. We ask that everyone stay off the property, as we have strongly suggested in emails prior. We cannot stress this enough. This world is different and you just never know.

Expanding Our Reach

Our posts are reaching an audience of 9,500 people, with 5,000 people engaging in our Facebook posts via messages, likes, and comments. This is an incredible start to raising awareness, not only in Rendon but among as many people as possible who can help spread the word about the multifaceted harm these types of plants can cause.

Upcoming Fundraising Initiatives

We recently had a fundraiser meeting with some great ideas. We are collaborating with local businesses to explore various events that can help us raise more funds. More details will follow in the next week as we work on laying out the plan, and we will keep you updated, as always. Remember, our Facebook Page is our first line of immediate, mass communication.

Your Support Matters

Please continue to spread the word and encourage more people to get involved in the fight against J7. Your support is invaluable, and we appreciate your commitment to our cause.

Forgive us while we work out the kinks in our new website journey! This is new to many of us. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause and shown continued support. We cannot do this without such a supportive community and neighbors like you!

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